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You may think that you’re a small company and don’t have to worry about cyber security.

You’re wrong! The size of your company won’t stop an attack. You can be a one-person company or have 100 employees. Hackers can still get to you.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. will protect companies of any size. We work with you to teach you how to protect yourself and guide you through the processes of setting up documentation so that you can prove to the regulatory agencies that you have taken all possible precautions to protect your customers and your business.

  • A company without a cyber security plan is at risk of losing everything if they are hacked.
  • Your data is everything to your company:
    • Your customer lists
    • Employee Information
    • Corporate documents
    • Intellectual property
    • Patents or copyrights
    • Inventory
    • Receivables
    • Financial information

If this information were lost or unavailable, how long would your company survive?

If a company is breached, it costs between $145-$160 for each record stolen. Health related companies spend even more, an average of $355 per record!

If you work with customer financial information or patient information or even if you take credit cards, you are subject to state and federal regulations.

Companies may have to pay compliance fines and court fees. They may also have to invest in forensic and investigative services and pay for identity theft prevention services for their customers or employees.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. can help you with that!

The regulatory agencies require WRITTTEN policies and procedures. Many of them are now requiring you to have written cyber security policies and procedures.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. can help you with that!

You also need to have cyber security training for managers and employees.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. can help you with that!

You even need to be sure your third-party vendors and suppliers have cyber security policies in place.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. can help you with that!

If you are not prepared and are hacked, you face large fines and risk losing the trust of your customers!


NYC Cyber Defense will help you assess your risks and work with you to develop the policies, procedures and training to prepare you from regulatory audits and help you prevent cyber-attacks.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. can help you with that!

We work with trusted network engineers to provide you with vulnerability assessment and patching, network security and backup services and with cyber insurance companies to help you with any protection you need.

We also make sure that you have all the help you need from law enforcement and state and federal agencies if you do experience a cyber-attack.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. will provide you with the tools you need to have the best protection possible.




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NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. provides cyber security services to small and medium sized businesses in the New York City area. We start with a business analysis of the risks to the company, including an analysis of the hardware, software, mobile devices, cloud services and social media usage. This analysis also includes an evaluation of the skill level and knowledge of all of the organization’s employees.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. works closely with the business owners to develop policies and procedures for the company to protect it, the customers and their employees from cyber-attacks. Companies that handle financial information for customers will be regulated by the Department of Finance 12NYCRR500. Health and Human Service providers are regulated under HIPAA and the Shield Act. Companies that accept credit cards are regulated by PCI DSS. There are new Privacy regulations that are being considered by the federal and state regulators, so companies must be in compliance or face steep fines.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. delivers reports on what the company can do to protect itself from cyber-attacks, e.g., upgrade software to the most recent version so that vulnerabilities are avoided. We also advise on backups and disaster recovery solutions so that, in case of an attack (such as ransomware), the company can recover quickly without having to pay ransom or lose business.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. provides training to the company personnel to help them avoid phishing attacks and social media threats to the business. Our weekly blog is available to them to help them stay informed of current threats and solutions so that they will be better able to protect the business and themselves from these threats.

Provide recommendations for cyber insurance and, if necessary, more sophisticated threat management services from trustworthy companies so that all of your IT needs are met.


If a company is breached, it can cost an enormous amount of money. According to a 2018 report, companies spent between $145 and $158 for each record stolen. Health related companies spent a lot more: $355 per record. Most of these costs are a result of resolving the breach. Organizations may have to pay compliance fines and court fees. They may also have to invest in forensic and investigative services and pay for identity theft prevention services for their customers or employees. The biggest problem for many businesses is the loss of their customers because customers who have had their information breached tend to abandon that company and shop or do business elsewhere. The reputational loss of a breach can have long lasting consequences.

Have you done a risk assessment of your computers, your mobile devices, your network, cloud applications, employee-owned devices? Are your policies and systems up-to-date? Are you managing vulnerabilities and upgrades? First, you need a plan for your business security. You need to have rules (policies) for your business computer and internet usage and procedures for managing these rules. Next, if you have not kept these systems upgraded, you may have vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker into your systems – to access your private, personal, and financial data. If you have any kind of private customer or client data for your businesses, that private information could land in the hands of criminals. The costs to your business and your reputation could destroy it.

Even if you installed anti-virus and anti-malware software, you must run it regularly so you know your systems are secured. You should also have this protection on your cell phones, laptops and tablets.

Your site should use https://, not just http://. This provides a higher level of security. You should also be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Certain sites are riskier than others. Be sure that all of your business computers and business mobile devices are set up so your employees can’t go to these sites.

It is important to back up your work regularly in more than one way. You should have 2-3 ways to save your work and you should keep at least one off-premises. If here is a ransomware attack, this is especially important. If your 3rd party vendors have any access to your systems, make certain they are also secure. Any 3rd party who can access your email could be a threat; if your vendors are not cyber-prepared, attackers may be able to get into your systems. Many large companies have experienced these attacks (Target, Equifax, the US Government). Now, attackers are targeting smaller companies because you also have resources they want to steal.

Does anyone in their families have access to their computers or cell phones or iPads where your business information might be stored? Know their passwords? How are these devices secured and backed up? For the protection of your business, any device that is used to access your business information should be protected as well as whatever you protect in your office.

If your business is affected by compliance requirements there may be expensive penalties for non-compliance. You may already know how the city delights in imposing fines. You may take credit cards (PCI-DSS), or deal with medical issues (HIPAA), or be a financial institution (23 NYCRR 500). There are also privacy requirements for any business that deals with children (COPPA). You and your employees must know what affects your ability to run your business.

Most cybersecurity incidents happen because people are not trained to recognize the dangers. Maybe your employee loses her cell phone on the bus, or another picks up a flash drive and puts it in one of your computers to “see what’s there”. There are all of the email “accidents” that we read about every day, where all of the customer or patient information is lost. This kind of breach can destroy a business because the costs are enormous. There are also, unfortunately, employees who know they are going to be fired, or who are just angry, who steal customer lists or proprietary information from their employers.

You and all of your employees must know what to do in case there is a  breach. It isn’t enough to think that you can “wing it” if and when this happens. You also need to test your plans. It is also a good idea to have cyber insurance. A reputable insurance company will require you to have cyber plans in place before issuing a policy.

As important as your business is, your families are even more important.  Your children may think they “know it all”, but they are at high risk when they don’t have all the information they need to protect themselves. It is your responsibility to stay a step ahead of them. You need to know how to protect them and where to go if they are bullied or hacked.

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