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Ashton Laurent, Ph.D.

Dr. Ashton Laurent is an experienced cyber security professional who has managed information and training for many years. As a former university professor who left university teaching to go into banking, she developed corporate, in-person training and then began developing on-line training for the NYU Graduate School. Ashton has an extensive background in technical training, where she worked closely with different industries – banking, legal, pharmaceutical, aviation, and with developers from all over the world. She is experienced with video training and sound production so that their training modules can be used on a client’s YouTube channel, in their LinkedIn or other social media sites.

Ashton is certified in Risk Management, Cloud and Information Systems Auditing. Because her background is in Financial Crimes, Ashton is also certified in Anti-Money Laundering (CAMS & AMLCA) and financial crimes (CFE and CFCS).


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Cybersecurity is one of the greatest needs in the United States. Computers have been in our lives since the mid 1980’s, but most people do not realize the dangers they pose. They hear about attacks on the news, but until it affects them personally, they tend to ignore the risks that they face every day from using their computers, laptops, tablets and cellphones.

The risk of a cyber-attack is greatest for businesses because they have larger amounts of money to protect, confidential customer data to manage, employees’ personal data and their own livelihoods as their responsibility.

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. helps these businesses and their employees know how to protect their computer and financial assets from cyber-attacks by assessing their risks, helping them harden their systems and hardware, and by training them to know what to do and not do with their email and social media accounts so that their businesses and personal lives are better protected against those who want to steal their money and their businesses from them.

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