Protect your computer and financial assets from cyber-attacks

NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. provides cyber security services to small and medium sized businesses in the New York City area.

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NYC Cyber Defense, Inc. helps businesses and their employees know how to protect their computer and financial assets from cyber-attacks.

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We start with a business analysis of the risks to the company, including an analysis of the hardware, software, mobile devices, cloud services and social media usage.

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We offer an entire suite of service that will help you insure the safe handling and security of your data.

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Articles from Our Blog

Business Risk Analysis

Everyone understands risk! You know you must protect your house to make it safe. You face risk every time you leave your safe house and get in your car. You cross the street and risk getting hit by a car where someone is texting and not paying attention. Every day,…

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What a Cyber Attack Really Costs You

You have all heard about cyber-attacks and think they can’t happen to you. Then, you think that if this does happen, you’ll recover and be fine very quickly. The truth is different however…. The lifeblood of your business is your data. Data means your customer lists, inventory lists, customers’ orders,…

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Watch Out for Helpful Strangers!

Cyber security does not only mean intrusions by email or on your computer. Remember, the operative word is “Security”. A security breach can start with something that looks innocent. Be careful of anyone who is too helpful, especially if you don’t really know that person….   Years ago, before I…

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